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Sodium Bentonite Clay. 50lb. bag covers approx. 100 sq. ft.Sodium bentonite has proven to be one of the most effective sealants on the market. The fact that sodium bentonite swells many times its mass, then forms a strong water and chemical proof seal makes it …

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It has a water absorbency rate of 10 times more than its weight in water. This makes it an excellent natural sealant and a reliable liner for ponds.. Place Your Order for Sodium Bentonite Liner for Ponds. If you have questions related to price, delivery, or pickup of our bentonite clay materials, you can call us at 405-382-1973.

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Description and Use: Sodium bentonite expands when wet making it an industry standard as a low permeability, self sealing, natural geo-technical barrier against water. These sodium bentonite clay granules are the same product that is often referred to as an "Engineering Grade Bentonite" the type that is extensively used for oil and geothermal drilling muds.

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QTY 30 50lb bags of 3/8" Halliburton brand Sodium Bentonite for sale. Used for sealing old drilled or dug wells to protect the groundwater aquifer. Product may also be used to make small landscaping ponds. $10 per bag for all 30. Contact Mark at 416-528-9451 for more info.

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Bentonite Clay Pond Liners vs. Traditional Liners. We get quite a few calls from customers asking about bentonite clay pond liners and how they stack up to traditional passive liners like RPE (reinforced polyethylene), and EPDM rubber. Bentonite is a very different means of achieving a water-tight seal compared to a passive liner, but like ...

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A Pond Sealer that is Effective and Safe: Sodium Bentonite. When it comes to sealing ponds and preventing leaks, using a quality pond sealer is particularly important, since substandard sealant often fails to properly and completely seal the pond bed.

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Bentonite clay expands significantly when water is added to it; that is why people use sodium bentonite pond sealant while constructing new ponds or repairing old ponds. Bentonite clay is a product formed from volcanic ash. The US, France and Italy are the main producers of bentonite clay, other countries also have quality sodium bentonite mines.

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Bentonite is a natural expanding clay sealant that when exposed to moisture can expand 15X or more creating a very effective pond sealant when applied correctly. Bentonite for Pond Sealing FAQ. Sodium Bentonite Source. Our bentonite clay is provided in granular form directly from the processing facility in Northeastern Wyoming.

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2. Sprinkle the bentonite over the bottom of the pond. The Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences Cooperative Extension recommends applying the sodium bentonite clay at a rate of 1 pound for ...

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Bentonite SA specialises in environmental sealing of earth dams using Sodium Bentonite.Our expertise includes the construction and sealing of clear and polluted water storage dams, evaporation ponds, leach pads, wetlands, decorative ponds and streams.

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Southwestern Texas sodium bentonite is comparable to the quality of Wyoming bentonite, (which is known to be the best quality in the world), but at a lower cost! We provide bentonite products mined in Southwestern Texas. Our premium quality bentonite clay is processed into various products for specific

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PondSeal 50 lb bag Be the first to review this product Revolutionary new way to seal leaking ponds, dikes, dams, spillways, etc. Sodium bentonite clay bonded to limestone aggregate creates a small rock like "nugget" that sinks directly to pond bottom.

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Looking for where to buy bentonite pond sealer? Smith Creek Fish Farm sells pond bentonite clay for sealing ponds and lakes. Sodium bentonite clay for sale.

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Aug 11, 2014· So we've proved you can use clumping litter to seal a pond because clumping litter is made of bentonite clay.. Now, how do you actually do it?. In my first post on this, many people pointed out that actual sodium bentonite clay was available at farm supply type stores.

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Sodium Bentonite Pond Seal & Drilling Additives Supply We are Southwestern Materials, your reliable supplier of quality sodium bentonite and drilling additives. While there are other firms that offer similar services, we take pride in the fact that the depth of our knowledge and experience in the industry sets us apart from the rest.

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As a result, bentonite is an effective pond sealant for a number of different types of applications. Sodium Bentonite Clay Products. Sodium Bentonite Pond Sealer is better suited to sealing new ponds or dry ponds which have no water in them.

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Bentonite for Ponds. To properly apply bentonite as a pond seal, the pond must be drained and the bentonite clay then incorporated into the soil of the pond bottom and sides.. The application rate for bentonite ranges from 2 pounds to more than 6 pounds per square foot depending on the soil characteristics. For clay soils, 2 pounds per square foot may be sufficient.

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Texas based, Southwestern Materials is a leading supplier of sodium bentonite clay. Whether you are trying to seal a leaking pond constructing. Our high quality sodium bentonite is sure to get the job done. We also provide granular bentonite for broadcasting over the top of the water on a leaking pond. To learn more about sodium bentonite or to ...

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Pond Sealant Sodium Bentonite Clay. Natural sealant for ponds, lakes lagoons, etc. Water leaks, hole plug that is low cost and very effective. Sodium bentonite liner blended and mix with soil is perfect for water tanks and ponds. Natural mineral clay that is …

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Only sodium bentonite should be used for pond or reservoir sealing. Bentonite will also help to seal the bright red clay residual soils, since these flocculated clays tend to act like coarse-grained soils missing clay-size particles. Application rates for bentonite should be based on laboratory tests.

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Bentonite For Sealing Ponds: Sodium Bentonite clay swells up to eighteen times its dry size when it becomes wet. Expanded bentonite forms an impermeable gel seal which makes an excellent pond sealant. Bentonite is environmentally safe and does not affect the water, livestock, or wildlife. When properly applied, it will not harm fish.

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Uses of Bentonite an invaluable resource. Bentonite is a naturally occuring clay material which can be used as a lake and pond liner.. Bentonite is a very useful mineral in our society. Usages range from food additives, as a thickener or for enhancing digestion, to sealing lakes and ponds.

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Sodium Bentonite, 50 lb bag. Sodium bentonite is a natural sealant and is used for sealing stock and recreational ponds, dairy and sewage lagoons, and city landfills. It is also effective as a hole plug as well as for controlling dust on highways. Sodium bentonite is one of the "most effective low cost methods" of treating porous soils.