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Check out our full range of products for your commercial rooftop needs. From equipment screens to platforms, we've got you covered! Learn More: Featured Product. Louvers take on a modern form with our curved L30 VisionGuard™ Louvers. Our continuous blade louvers have concealed clips, eliminating the need for mullions or frame flanges.

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Mar 15, 2015· Some rooftop equipment screens are designed to be set down on the roofing membrane. This sounds too much like a maintenance problem in the making, but it is an option. The second way to go is to mount the rooftop equipment screen to the curb of the rooftop equipment.

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roof plan elevation/ section plan manufacturer's specifications description of the proposed screening of the mechanical equipment (if required) engineering calculations and plans to support the anchoring details of the equipment and supporting members other …

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Curbs Plus, Inc. is a manufacturer of conventional and pre-engineered metal building roof curbs, curb adapters, architectural equipment screens, diffusers and more. We are headquartered in Ringgold, Georgia with additional facilities in El Dorado, Kansas and Mount Union, Pennsylvania.

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Hurricane Roof Equipment Screens. Hurricane louvers can be used as vision barriers to hide mechanical equipment and other unsightly items. These Florida and Miami-Dade certified louvers are impact and high wind tested louvers that attach directly to structural framing (by others) on a rooftop or other locations where you need view blocking.

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Equipment screens are designed to hide unwanted views and increase security of mechanical systems, HVAC equipment, trash enclosures, parking garages and other applications. Because they are louvered screens, they achieve these goals while still allowing air flow to the systems or areas they hide.

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The industry's largest selection of architectural grilles and screens includes extruded aluminum louver screens and hot dip galvanized steel screens avaible in polyester powder coated to any of our 15 standard colors. Screening is achieved using extruded aluminum fixed louvers or Hot dip galvanized steel louvers in one of five designs ...

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Jan 31, 2018· HVAC Screening for Rooftop Units in Wide Array of Colors Installation is fast and easy, you have the option to install yourself or factory installation is available through Custom Mechanical Equipment.

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HVAC Screening. Each HVAC install is unique, which is why each screening system Custom Mechanical Equipment builds is a custom factory design. Our screening fits to each of your current cabinet's access points with removable doors.

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HUSH SCREEN™ Rooftop Equipment Barriers . Product Data Section Absorbers Source/Airborne Industrial Barriers Source/Structure Architectural Composites Path/Direct HVAC Damping & Diffusion Path/Indirect OEM Electronic Receiver Environmental Flow Control 1 …

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Mechanical equipment screens shall not exceed 18 feet (5486 mm) in height above the roof deck, as measured to the highest point on the mechanical equipment screen. Exception: Where located on buildings of Type IA construction, the height of mechanical equipment screens shall not be limited.

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Kinetics implemented a multi-step acoustic solution approach featuring sound barrier walls, dissipative absorptive circular discharge and elbow ventilation fan silencers to attenuate and quiet noisy rooftop mechanical and process equipment noise levels compliant with the city ordinance.

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RoofScreen Mfg. is the industry leader in pre-engineered rooftop screening solutions and solar panel mounting racks on commercial and industrial buildings. RoofScreen equipment screens provide a flexible easy-to-install solution for concealing air conditioners and other rooftop equipment.

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Rooftop equipment screening systems have become a popular solution to to conceal HVAC equipment without the use of additional structural steel or roof penetrations. We are the Nationwide Distributor and installing contractor for the Spinnaker Industries brand of rooftop equipment screening …

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Rooftop Systems Trane offers a full line of light and large commercial equipment solutions for new construction and immediate replacement applications. Manufactured in various configurations, these units are designed to provide efficient single or multi-zone heating, cooling and ventilation.

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Quiet the noise levels of the rooftop mechanical equipment to less than or equal to those dictated by the city ordinance. Design the barrier walls in order to prevent direct sight of up-blast fans from critical receiver positions. Consider seismic and wind loads on the whole structure.

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Envisor® rooftop enclosures & screens from CityScapes are compatible with many RTU & HVAC systems and meet codes with no rooftop penetration. ... THE LEADING ROOF SCREEN CHOICE OF ARCHITECTS, BUILDING OWNERS AND CONTRACTORS FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS. ... Equipment. Refrigeration Units

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RoofScreen Mfg. systems conceal all the units with one streamlined screen that blends with the architecture of the building. For a more in-depth comparison, and to learn about the other problems with unit mounted roof screens, please see our technical article titled 5 Types of Equipment Screens …

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Equipment Screening Pre-Engineered Acoustical/Visual Screening Systems for Rooftop HVAC and Mechanical Equipment. ... The framing system cantilevers off of and is supported by the mechanical equipment or the support curb, thus eliminating the need for roof penetrations.

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Count on us for outstanding customer service, and efficient, stress-free installation of your HVAC architectural screening. North American Enclosures is the only distributor of rooftop equipment screens certified to install Spinnaker systems and to offer their product warranties.

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If the roof pitch went up a certain way from our screen, we want to make sure we still have the proper clearance, so we don't damage the roof. We want to be totally off the roof and not touching." Roof-mounted Installation. Installing an equipment screen that mounts to the roof requires more planning and a deeper understanding of the structure.

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CityScapes manufactures attractive rooftop & ground screens, enclosures & gates for HVAC systems, dumpsters, mechanical equipment & more.

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Search results for rooftop equipment screens on the Dodge Data & Analytics Sweets Network. Download CAD, Specs, 3D, BIM and green product information.

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"Basically, [without the Rooftop Equipment Spreader] we wouldn't have been able to work today and put down a coating because the high wind would have had the coating on the side of the building and on the cars below and it's about $450 to detail a car—one car—once you get a coating on the top. With a Rooftop Equipment Spreader, we've done this whole roof in record time!"

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Roof Top Units. We manufacture custom roof curbs to accommodate most HVAC roof top units manufactured in the last 20 years, using our extensive model database. Our roof top curbs are complete with welded in duct supports and reinforced to match the appropriate load requirements.

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Outdoor noise problems, also known as community noise problems, environmental noise problems or simply noise pollution tend to refer to issues of noise related disturbances in a community or neighborhood caused by outdoor noise sources such as traffic, cooling towers, rooftop mechanical equipment, air conditioners, generators, manufacturing ...

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Architectural commercial rooftop screening building product information for RoofScreen Mfg.. CHARRETTE LOGIN. ... RoofScreen Mfg. | commercial rooftop screening. CONTACT INFO. 347 Coral St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060. ... 48 14 00 Solar Energy Electrical Power Generation Equipment. 48 14 13 Solar Energy Collectors. News Items for commercial rooftop ...

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Screening Roof Top Mechanical Units Example of well integrated Screening for Roof Top Units D G N R C E S N Screening for Roof Top Mechanical Units Roof Top Equipment as an integral part of the building design For additional information, please contact the City of Mississauga Planning and Building Department, Development and Design Division,