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List of elements Atomic Number Name Symbol Group 3 Period Number Block State at. STP Occurrence Description 1 Hydrogen H 1 1 s Gas Primordial Non-metal 2 Helium He 18 1 s Gas Primordial Noble gas 3 Lithium Li 4 2 s Solid Primordial Alkali metal 4 Beryllium Be 2 2 s Solid Primordial Alkaline earth metal 5 Boron B 13 2 p Solid Primordial Metalloid 6

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Apr 18, 2018· The symbol of aluminium is 'Al'. It is the thirteenth element in the periodic table .Its electronic configuration is [Ne]3s2 3p1. It is a p block element as it we can see its last electron in the p shell . Atomic properties Oxidation states+3, +2,...

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Aluminum definition, a silver-white metallic element, light in weight, ductile, malleable, and not readily corroded or tarnished, occurring combined in nature in ...

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Aluminium was also the accepted spelling in the U.S.A. until 1925, at which time the American Chemical Society decided to revert back to aluminum, and to this day Americans still refer to aluminium as "aluminum". Aluminium is one of the elements which as alum or alumen, KAl(SO 4) 2, has an alchemical symbol - Scheele's symbol; alchemy is an ...

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Aluminum (Al) has the atomic number of 13. This silvery white element is a member of the boron group. It is the most abundant element in the world after oxygen and silicon and the most abundantly present in the Earth's crust. It makes up approximately 8 percent of the solid surface of the Earth.

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Aluminum oxide has a variety of different purposes. The most important one is in the manufacturing of metallic aluminum, but this is certainly not the only one. Though you might not know it, both rubies and sapphires are composed of aluminum oxide, making it a very valuable element! Formula for Aluminum Oxide. Al2O3 . Properties for Aluminum Oxide

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Aluminium(3+) is an aluminium cation that has a charge of +3. It is an aluminium cation, a monoatomic trication and a monoatomic aluminium.

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Aluminum in itself does not have a chemical formula, because chemical formulas are only used for compounds, and Aluminum does not have a chemical formula - only a symbol …

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Aluminium atoms have 13 electrons and the shell structure is 2.8.3. The ground state electronic configuration of neutral aluminium is [Ne].3s 2.3p 1 and the term symbol of aluminium is 2 P 1/2.. Aluminium: description Your user agent does not support the HTML5 Audio element.

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Aluminum is an element and as such does not have a formula; its symbol is Al and atomic number is 13. The atomic mass of Al is 26.981539 amu and it is derived from bauxite. Aluminum was discovered in 1825 by Hans Christian Oersted, and its name comes from the Latin "alumen."

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Kids learn about the element aluminum and its chemistry including atomic weight, atom, uses, sources, name, and discovery. Plus properties and characteristics. Chemistry for Kids: Elements - Aluminum

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Jun 25, 2019· Aluminum (also known as aluminum) is the most abundant metal element in the earth's crust. And it's a good thing, too, because we use a lot of it. About 41 million tons are smelted each year and employed in a wide arrange of applications.

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Sep 18, 2017· Aluminum: Chemical Element with Symbol Al - Classic Documentary luminium or aluminum is a chemical element with symbol Al and atomic number 13. It is a silvery-white, soft, nonmagnetic, ductile ...

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Apr 24, 2017· According to, "Aluminum is the third most abundant element on the Earth's crust." The first time that aluminum was isolated was in 1825 by Hans Christian Oersted. Aluminum has an atomic number of 13, and its atomic symbol is Al.

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Chemical elements alphabetically listed The elements of the periodic table sorted by name in an alphabetical list.. Click on any element's name for further chemical properties, environmental data or health effects.. This list contains the 118 elements of chemistry.

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Calculate the molecular weight of Aluminium or molecular weight Al. Also see the full list of chemical elements and atomic weights. ›› Compounds that contain Aluminium Aluminium Antimonide AlSb Aluminium Arsenide AlAs Aluminium Nitride AlN Aluminium Oxide Al2O3 Aluminium Phosphide AlP Aluminium Chloride AlCl3 Aluminium Fluoride AlF3

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Aluminum oxide (Al 2 O 3). Potassium aluminum sulfate (KAl(SO 4) 2 ·12H 2 O) Interesting facts: It's never found free in its natural state. It's the third most common of all the elements found in the earth's crust (oxygen and silicon being found more). It does not rust and doesn't easily react to weather conditions or chemicals. Common Uses

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The symbol for each element needs to have a different letter, or letters, to distinguish it from others. A single letter (in the Latin alphabet) is only enough for 26 different elements, and 118 ...

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Name: Aluminum Symbol: Al Atomic Number: 13 Atomic Mass: 26.981539 amu Melting Point: 660.37 °C (933.52 K, 1220.666 °F) ... Chemical Of The Week -- Aluminum; From the University of Wisconsin-Madison. If you know of any other links for Aluminum, please …

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Aluminium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aluminium (in Commonwealth English) or aluminum (in American English) is a chemical element in the boron group with symbol Al and atomic number 13.

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Define aluminum. aluminum synonyms, aluminum pronunciation, aluminum translation, English dictionary definition of aluminum. n. Symbol Al A silvery-white, ductile metallic element, the most abundant in the earth's crust but found only in combination, chiefly in bauxite.

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The chemical elements sorted by symbol in an alphabetical order. You can click on the column header to sort the table by that column. Click on an element symbol to get detailed facts about the element.

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122 · The elements of the periodic table sorted by symbol. Chemical elements listed by symbol …

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The metallic element is also used in satellite dishes. Classification. Aluminum is an element with an atomic number of 13. On the periodic table of elements its symbol is Al. It belongs to a group of metals including lead and tin. Aluminum has been used for a long time. During Ancient Egypt, aluminum oxides were used in their glazes and pottery.

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122 · In relation to the chemical elements, a symbol is a code for a chemical element. Symbols …

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Aluminum: It's not just found in the refrigerator wrapped around week-old leftovers. This element is the second-most abundant metallic element in Earth's crust after silicon. It's used in soda ...